Finally after a few months of anticipation we have upgraded our website to be  more user friendly with an online shopping cart, newsletter  and  a layout that is suitable for mobile phone and tablet users. Our desire for the website is to be a source of up to date news about Ivybrook including  the activities  from the vineyard, winery and B&B.

Every few weeks there are nature changes in the vineyard, activities in the winery, and always special guests who stay here at Ivybrook. Hopefully we can offer some interesting stories, tales and history of these events along with the continuing dreams and realities of running a family business.

We welcome your comments and thoughts.

The start of the year always brings the arrival of mulberries.


The early settlers  planted this tree in the mid 1800’s along with apples, pears and nut trees. It’s a beautiful tree that supplies us with a bountiful supply of mulberries to eat & freeze and enjoy throughout the year.

A multitude of birds and ants also enjoy the splendour of the mulberry and I have concluded that it is best to leave the top of the tree for our feathered friends and enjoy the sections we can reach without doing a Molly Meldrum.


There is nothing better than getting up first thing in the morning and picking a bowl full of berries while basking under this grand old tree and enjoying not just the fruit but also the beauty it has to offer.

 After immersing myself in the mulberries this morning I glanced across the creek  and noticed that the Tempranillo are colouring up The Shiraz are also on their way and I think the start of  vintage for us will be similar to last year that is mid to late February


This will be our first year of processing our grapes at Ivybrook.

Both Nick and I are very excited about some of our fruit not leaving the farm but travelling only 30 metres from the vineyard to our little winery.

This will be the start of our next journey and we look forward to sharing it with you as we go.

Road closure

Our Thomas Road entry via Main South Road is currently closed. The only access to Thomas Road is via Old Coach Road.

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